Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Step Up

Not a very good day, as i got caught for sleeping in Lisa Yong zzzzz... Was too sleepy, or the content was simply too dry.
Just came back from a movie - Step Up 2, excellent dance movie for those who love breakin, poppin and hip hop dance. I miss my dancing lessons withUrban Groove back then. Though it was only for about half a year. KK asked if i wanna rejoin the dancing class but $$$... Really wish to, still in consideration.
The problem with me - too many interests. I mentioned that i wanna take up Japanese course and chinese flute lessons, and now dance...But i know dancing is what i want, not what i need.
Need some time to chill after watching step up...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Still figuring out how to upload music to the blog...I didn't want to include the music file in the post but that's the only way i know of right now...Sons included - an english duet by David foster "And When She Danced", Utada Hikaru's version of 'Fly Me To The Moon', 蘇永康's 我為你傷心, chinese duet "还剩下些什么”and a song from the famous hong kong tvb series - 金枝欲孽 (flute)...

David Foster and Marilyn Martin- And When She Danced - Stealing Home Soundtrack.mp3

Just An Ordinary Day

Listening to one of my favourite song - hoshi akari (star light) . It's an anime (busou renkin)'s theme song... A worth watching anime.
Downloaded few songs by 蘇永康, he has excellent voice but somewhow he isn't very popular. And 陳潔儀, singer from singapore is as good as those from Taiwan. For those who listen to chinese songs, i recommend a few here - 接近, 酒是故鄉醇, 來夜方長, 越吻越傷心
Helped out the KL Leo club in a charity music concert, there was one band playing a mix of chinese+western instruments, including keyboard, chinese flute, 'er hu' etc...
I always wanted to learn an musical instrument. My favourite instruments are piano, gu zheng and chinese flute. Time and money contraints, i haven't started any... I really, really hope to take up these classes before i graduate. My plan in near future -  learning Japanese and chinese flute. Well, not like i always do as i planned...
Running out of time for my club events' preparation. The upcoming event - AdventuRace 2008 is in April. And there are more one after another...Need to 'add oil'...
Gonna upload some songs here, hope that you like them too...

Monday, March 3, 2008


刚看了一场非常精彩的演出 - 变脸,那速度与技巧让我称羡不已。
我不是基督徒,却特钟爱十字架形的图案。我对酷,有型,美的事与人; 还不是普通的喜欢...